CommonSense IoT solutions

CommonSense is a cloud based multi feature IoT application that allows multiple sensor applications to simultaneously run on a single platform.

The use of a single platform simplifies the operation of the required infrastructure and its deployment.

CommonSense also connects to any third-party sensors through standard specialised interfaces (API’s).

CommonSense is scalable and easy to deploy

Our Innovations

CommonSense is a cloud platform that connects multiple sensors to multiple independent applications

CommonSense is a cloud based communications interface that allows multiple sensor technologies to reside on the same platform, using different connectivity interfaces.

We currently support the following:

  • LTE (Cat – M, NB IoT)
  • LoRa

The connectivity is achieved using a number of different protocols that include HTTPS, MGTT, TLS, UDP

CommonSense Architecture

CommonSense Architecture


The current platforms that run on Common Sense

EnviroSense – Environmental monitoring and reporting

EnergySense – Smart Submetering electricity meters

RadSense (*) – Radiation detection and alerts

IntruSense (*) – Intrusion detection and alert

AgriSense (*) – Agricultural meteorological sensors

Aqua Sense (*) – Water usage management sensors

(*) Planned