RadSense is an integrated hardware and cloud-based software solution designed to detect ambient Dose Equivalent Rate (DER) of gamma radiation in a small portable networked terminal on the Technocomm CommonSense network architecture.

The architecture allows two-way communications and can interact with third-party devices.

RadSense can be fixed or portable and is available with GPS tracking. RadSense can also be carried by RAV’s for aerial surveys with a data logger.

RadSense is simple and easy to install and deploy and is scalable. Multiple devices can be connected over multiple sites from any location across the internet to provide grouped or detailed summaries. Terminals provide alerts to the central reporting server and can interact with external devices.


RadSense end user applications

  • Public venues, stadium, railway/metro stations…
  • Convention centers, hotel lobbies, public areas…
  • Toll booths, service stations, ports

RadSense general specification

  • Measurement range of gamma radiation DER – from 0.01 μSv/h to 1.0 Sv/h.
    • Scintillation CsI detector with a photomultiplier for measurements in the 0.01 μSv/h to 50 μSv/h range (spectrum-dose function), and energy-compensated Geiger-Muller counter for measurements in the 50 μSv/h to 1.0 Sv/h range.
    • Sensitivity for Сs137 at 1.0 μSv/h not less than 180 cps to 460 cps depending on models
  • The main relative error in measurements – not more than 15 %
  • Energy range – from 50 keV to 3.0 MeV
  • Energy dependence – not more than ±25 %.
  • Operating temperature range -30 to +50 оС.

RadSense Technology Details


  • 150 x 50 x 40mm depending on models and features
  • Battery or mains adaptor powered

Communications Technology

  • LTE 4G/2G
  • Option for License free low power WW ISM 868M/915MHz
    • Range ~ 2 – 4 Km between terminal and gateway
  • End to end high-level encryption
  • Fully scalable unlimited expansion


  • Site surveys
  • Server installation on secure cloud
  • Configuration / management by Technocomm
  • Reporting / Analysis structure designed with the end customer


RadSense in one of several products on the CommonSense platform. Other products include

  • EnergySense
    • Smart Sub Metering, saleable deployment with data aggregation on a web dashboard interface
    • Bi-directional communications with remote ON/OFF and power limits
  • EnviroSense (in advanced development)
    • Air Quality monitoring and reporting on small form factor mobile and fixed platforms on web interface
    • Measurement of Temperature, Humidity, CO2 , PM2.5 , PM10, Ethanol, Hydrogen, NOx..others in development
  • IntruSense (in development)
    • Intrusion detection and monitoring using Radar technology
    • Small form factor battery powered