EnviroSense is an integrated hardware and cloud-based software solution designed to analyse air quality.

EnviroSense is simple and easy to install in any indoor or outdoor location and is scalable.

EnviroSense uses a network of connected terminals that continuously monitor the air in Real Time.

Data is collected from the GPS tracked terminals and uploaded to the Web interface for display and analysis.


EnviroSense Benefits

With EnviroSense, time stamped Geo Located individual instantaneous air quality readings can be compared over previous time for comparison, and data can be formatted and exported.

Using our Web interface, ‘Heat Maps’ can be created to observe seasonal or event-based comparisons linked to weather and traffic conditions.

EnviroSense measures Temperature, Humidity, CO2, VOC’s, PM2.5, PM10, Ethanol, Hydrogen, NOX….

EnviroSense Sensors

Small size ~ 140 x 50 x 40mm

Geolocation with timestamp data

Communications Technology:

LTE-M 4G with 2G Fallback

License-free low power ISM Band Option

ARM Cortex M4 controller

2 versions

    • EnviroSense
      • Basic Air quality indicators
      • Temp / Hum / CO2 / PM2.5
    • EnviroSense +
      • Advanced sensors
      • NO2 / SO2 / C0 /O3 / CH4    

EnviroSense Installation

Sensors located in fixed locations or moving on busses/taxi’s or public transport
Live time stamped data collection with connection to CommonSense server
High Encryption security

Business Model

Hardware Installation – Sensors and Gateways

CommonSense Integration on Cloud Server

Optimised reporting dashboard design

Management agreements to supply data

EnviroSense markets

Environmental agencies

– Road traffic optimisation

– Urban air quality

Public venues

– Conference centres, museums

– Education, schools, universities

– Hospitals, care homes

HVAC manufacturers

– Commercial buildings

Hotels / hospitality

Public Transport

– Buses, trains, aircraft