Understanding where, how and when energy is used is the key to cost reduction and optimisation.

EnergySense uses networked electricity meters that communicate with CommonSense and allows simultaneous observation of live or historical  energy usage in multiple locations across the Internet

Energy usage can be observed or downloaded in multiple common formats


EnergySense Benefits

With EnergySense, end-user companies can analyse individual locations or group energy usage across multiple locations with instant live or historical data and perform analytic visual implementations

In addition, the following features are enabled

  • Bi-directional communications between meters and CommonSense
  • Adjustable time reporting intervals from 2 minutes to 30 days
  • Remote ON/OFF commands to meters
  • Programmable maximum power limits
  • Tamper detection warnings and reporting


EnergySense meters

Single 60A or 3x60A meters surge rated to 100A

Connectivity options

License free low power RF ISM Band, with ~ 2 – 4 Km   range between meter and uplink gateway

Cellular LTE CatM / NB-IoT network

End to end high level encryption

Fully scalable unlimited expansion

EnergySense Installation

Business Model

Hardware Installation – Meters and Gateways

CommonSense Integration on Cloud Server

Optimised reporting dashboard design

Management agreements to supply data

EnergySense markets

  • Facilities management companies
  • EV Charging
  • Supermarkets
  • Convention centres & Stadiums
  • Hotels and Leisure centres
  • Education, Schools, Universities
  • Banks, Financial centres
  • Public services